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Kefalonia island is probably one of the best places in Greece where you can experience  the elements of earth and water, mixing and fusing with the natural beauty of Kefalonia.

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Escape with E-Scooters to an island steeped in tradition, culture, legend and mythology, an island that also has important historical significance and stories to tell you. 

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Be closer to nature and the elements with alternative ways to see this fantastic island. 

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Argostoli on your own

The unknown and unexplored jewel of Western Greece, Kefalonia, which is considered by many to be the real home of Odysseus, never ceases to impress with its rich history and natural beauty.

Sunset Tour

We will stroll around Argostoli's main square and we will show you around the most important city buildings. After that you can have some free time to enjoy yourself around. We will then head towards “Katavothres” (swallow holes), an extremely rare geological phenomenon, possibly unique worldwide, that you certainly must not miss during your stay.

Fanari Tour

Get to visit Argostoli’s most iconic sights by strolling around with our e-scooters! Visit local stores, cafes and historic places.

Points of interest

Saint Theodore Lighthouse (Fanari)

First stop, the renowned “Fanari” (Lighthouse)
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The lighthouse got its name after the nearby church – Saint Theodoroi – but if you want to feel like a local just call it “Fanari”. Built on a man-made peninsula in 1829 under British rule and renovated after the 1953 earthquake, it’s unexpected circular structure with the surrounding 20 columns sets its unique architectural style.
“Fanari” is one of Argostoli’s most famous landmarks and you can find out yourselves just by browsing “Fanari” photos on google. Don’t forget to get your iconic picture there especially during sunset.

Drapano Bridge (De Bosset)

Are you an Official World Record type of person? Well, this is a place to stroll around.
Drapano Bridge is a 689,9 m stone sea bridge connecting the capital with the surrounding villages and….yes, it is the biggest of its type worldwide!
Originally constructed in 1813 by the Swiss engineer Charles de Bosset as a wooden bridge and after going through major reconstructions, Drapanos Bridge has been listed as a historical monument since 1970 and is pedestrianized since 2013.
Stroll around with your scooter at ease (no cars allowed) and admire the beautiful view of Argostoli, the surrounding areas, the amazing architecture and of course the stand alone stone column (obelisk) built by the British to commemorate their stay.

“Katavothres” (swallow holes)

This is one of the world’s most unique and mysterious geological phenomena so don’t expect us to give a clear answer.
In this area, the sea water rushes through some cracks in the rocks on the shore and then literally dissappears! It actually flows into sinkholes beneath the sea and then follows an underground route, crossing the island north to west for 17 km before emerging again in sea. The water mill you can see there was originally built in 1853 by the English to exploit the power of this natural phenomenon.
There have been many studies and explanations with the most prominent being that this phenomenon is due to Cephalonia’s position at the junction of tectonics plates.
You can choose to find out more on this phenomenon or just keep it a mystery. Whatever your choice, don’t miss visiting the site and watch in awe the sea water get vanished right in front of your eyes.

Sea turtles in Argostoli harbour

For nature lovers, this is definitely not to be missed.
They say that sea turtles are living fossils since they have changed just a bit since their appearance in the dinosaurs period. Argostoli is the home of careta-careta species and you will have the chance to encounter them in their natural habitat just by dropping by Argostoli port.
Best time to visit is during 08:00-12:00. This is no coincidence since this is the time when fishermen clear out their nets and fishing lines from the previous night’s catch and our careta-careta gather around for a snack.
Pay attention to their size, their moves and behaviour and ask about the conservation programs around them since they are considered an endangered species. Of course, don’t forget to take pictures of these amazing reptiles.

Kosmetatou House

Get a glimpse of what Cephalonia looked like before the devastating earthquake in 1953.
Kosmetatou House is the one of the few buildings whose exterior has survived the 1953 earthquake and it is a fine example of the pre-earthquake architecture.
Built in 1850 and later decorated by the famous German architect Ernst Ziller, Kosmetatou House has also housed the British Mission and Norway’s consulate.
Pay attention to the building’s details and architecture and try to envision Argostoli’s main square surrounded by mansions of this glory.

Argostoli square

You have just reached Argostoli’s heart.
The large, recently renovated, flat square is pretty much Argostoli’s focal point – literally where its heart beats. You can relax in the surrounding cafes, restaurants & bars, you can set off to Lithostroto (paved street) where you can find a large selection of souvenir, jewellery, shoe, clothes and local traditional products shops (don’t miss the mántoles), you can wander around historical places like Bell Square (Kabana) and discover their history. Or you can simply sit in one of the benches enjoying your refreshment and watch the people pass by.
You can do pretty much everything but trust us on the mántoles!

Korgialenio History & Folklore Museum

Take a tour back to Cephalonia’s history.
The museum, just minutes away from Argostoli’s square, was founded in 1962 aiming to preserve the memory of the historical and social conditions that prevailed before the 1953 earthquake.
The museum hosts Cephalonia’s most important cultural artifacts from the beginning of the 15th century until 1953 with exhibits that depict the daily life and the culture of the island’s rural and urban centres. A selection ranging from household furniture to stunning artwork.
Take your tour back in time in a museum hosted in an area so contemporarily vibrant that it’s worth noticing the contrast.

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